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Episode 28: Episode 28: This Episode Brought to You by R

2 years ago

David Keyes joins Carolyn and Brian to talk about R - the open-source statistical package, that is, not the letter (or the pirate vocalization). Once we got past Brian’s bad pun, we discussed the benefits of using code, how to get started with R, and using the software to help communicate results. We also learned that R is not just a tool for statisticians and that there’s a welcoming online community of folks helping newbies and creating equity-focused tools. Come for the statistical package, stay for the community!

Content heads-up: There is a short discussion of a community response to a sexual assault case starting at 49:34. If you want to skip this discussion, you can skip ahead to the next chapter in your podcast player or fast-forward to 52:55.

Full show notes available here.

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